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I’ll be making a few special announcements on this blog, but do note that most of the info on how to lose man boobs is at http://howtolosemanboobsnow.org/. This is also where you get to join my exclusive Lose Man Boobs Free 8 Part Mini Course.

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Hi, Garry here

You know I really wanted to give you a step-by-step system that just takes you by the hand and does everything for you. It tells you all the little things you need to do today, tomorrow, the day after and so on until you reach your goal – until you lose your man boobs and get that flat chest you've always wanted.

How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally is a signpost – it shows you were you need to go, tells you everything you need to do, but what it does NOT do is take you by the hand and do all of it FOR you one step at a time

Having a program like that would be amazing. Anyone would charge you more for it of course, but who wouldn't want to pay a little extra for a course that guarantees success like that? 

It would be the closest thing to having a personal trainer and nutritional expert with you 24/7… 

Telling you when to work out, when to eat, what to eat, how to work out and all the rest, and all the time – MAKING SURE YOU DO WHAT YOU NEED TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

Wouldn't it be great to have a system that's the closest thing to having a personal trainer with you 24/7?

Well I'm sad to say that I don't have this program for you. It would just be a hell of a lot of effort to put such an extensive and detailed program together, and I tell you it won't happen in the next couple of years. Sorry.

BUT! (yes, I DO have some good news for you)

I recently realized that this program is already available to you! You just wouldn't have seen it unless you knew everything about man boobs that I do.

I've been trying this program on a few of my clients lately and it's been working like a charm. If you want to see guaranteed results in 2 weeks then this is just what you need. It's a step-by-step program that really takes you by the hand – with videos that show you what to eat – exactly what ingredients to buy from the shop, how to prepare the food etc. There are over 100 videos that take you step-by-step through the process of losing man boobs, with books, charts and really – everything you need in terms of nutrition.

It IS only a nutrition program however, and it lacks the exercise routines that will help to boost your progress. But if you learned anything from How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, you'll know that nutrition is far more important than exercise when it comes to losing man boobs.

For the sake of my clients (and you of course), I have studied this program in detail, and found that the nutritional techniques are VERY much inline with what helps to get rid of man boobs. I'll be doing an extensive review on this program in the near future just for you, but if you wanted to take a look at it now, here's the link.


Warning #1: The program is called the 'Rocking Body Raw Food Diet'. It isn't labelled as a 'Lose Man Boobs' program, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Feel free to take a look inside (follow the above link) and you'll realize how similar its teachings are to what you learned in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

Warning #2: Don't be put off by the feminine theme on the website. There are few pictures of men and you might get the feeling that the program is for women only. But if you know anything about nutrition you'll realize that it's just as much a program for men wanting to lose man boobs as it is for women wanting to lose weight.

Warning #3: This program isn't cheap! It will set you back quite a bit more than How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, but for the price you pay, it really does deliver. As they say you get what you pay for, and there's no way you can pay just $23 for a program like this, there's just way too much content for it to be that cheap.

So if you want to take a look, visit the link below. Take a look at some of the videos and see if this is something you want to try. You can take it from me though, I've started some of my clients on this program and they are loving it.

Here's some more bad news…

The bad news for me is I've already lost 11 clients to this program. Their results were so good that they told me they don't need me anymore, which means less money for me. But hey, I'm in it to help you get the best and quickest results possible, so here's the link again.


Like I say, take a look at the videos and you'll see exactly what I mean. 2 weeks on a program like that and your body couldn't keep those man boobs if it wanted to.

Best of luck, and let me know how it goes



Hey Garry here

Just a quick one today about the use of plastic. Plastics have been in use only recently. They’ve been shown to release oestrogenic particles into their surroundings, especially when heated up! But granted, your regular soft drink contains some oestrogenic particles.

Now just so you know the extent of this, there was an experiment being conducted about the growth of cancer cells in the presence of oestrogen (yes, it’s a well known fact that oestrogen encourages the growth of cancer cells, both inside the body and when taken outside of the body). Now what the researcher found one day was when the cancer cells were left without oestrogen, that one of the samples continued to grow as if it WERE exposed to oestrogen. This sample happened to be the one contained within a plastic container, and it was later found that the oestrogenic particles released from the plastic were responsible for the growth of the cancer cells.

So the lesson to take home from this? Well, avoid plastic! Don’t carry water around in a plastic bottle, wait to get to a tap, or try to find a glass bottle. Definitely don’t heat your food up in plastic containers!

Now will simply avoiding plastic get rid of your man boobs? NO! But it WILL help, and when combined with all the other tactics on how to lose man boobs, there’ll be no stopping you!

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There’s nothing more wonderful than finally getting rid of man boobs after a long struggle, and being able to be that masculine self you’ve always wanted to be.I’m filled with so much confidence now.

All I used to want, was to not have to feel embarassed in public, to not have to wear thick dark clothing all the time, and now I can wear anything I want!

I can wear just a loose thin shirt to work and say goodbye to those thick tight vests underneath.

It’s wonderful how exciting life is when you don’t have to worry about the way you look! You can finally start accepting those wedding invitations, start going out with your friends more and feel comfortable about taking your top off where it’s appropriate – at the beach, at the pool, and in the bedroom.

I used to spend ages in front of the mirror trying to get the right combination of clothes that would make my boobs look smaller. Guys used to love making fun of me, especially in front of women so they could easily put me down and take the girls for themselves. Needless to say I was in no state to compete after someone just pointed out that I was half woman!

Thanks to learning some amazing secrets about why we have man boobs and how to get rid of them, it didn’t take me long at all to finally eliminate that boob fat and liberate myself from the torture of always having to hide myself from the public eye.

“What secrets did you unveil to lose those man boobs?”

What I learned stemmed from discovering that gynecomastia (the development of breast tissue in men) didn’t exist in the past. If you tried to find a guy with man boobs a hundred years ago, you’d be looking for a long time. So it’s not in your genes for you to have man boobs – it’s a recent change in your environment that’s to blame.

All you have to do is to know what these factors are and make an effort to avoid them. Once you’ve accomplished this, all you have to do is to maintain it and you can kick back and wait for your body to start shaping into that of a man.

Do not however, that the hormone adjustments and changes to your body in order to achieve this transformation, take time – if anyone tells you you can get rid of man boobs in just a few days (without surgery), then they’re lying.

But with the correct effort applied consistently, you CAN finally kiss those man boobs goodbuy!

To discover what it takes to fade those man boobs away forever, keeping checking back on this blog – bookmark it and return often, as I’ll be updating it almost daily!

Why not also check out this article on: <a href=”http://howtolosemanboobsnow.org/how-to-eliminate-man-boobs.php”>how to eliminate man boobs</a>.?

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Suppose I told you that flat chest was just around the corner? That you could have pecs like a male cover model in just a few weeks?
If you do all the right things and follow all the little tactics that are proven to reduce man boobs, then your body will eventually shed away that boob fat.
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why with time, more and more men are growing breasts? Just a few decades ago man boobs were so rare, that almost nobody would have any interest in reading this article!
Well what's happening is thanks to modern occurences such as food processing, preservatives, pollution, the oral contraceptive pill in women, cosmetics, etc. We're being exposed to an environment that's geared toward feminization – with male fish turning into egg-producing female fish and male humans growing breasts!
"How has all this resulted in me having male breasts?"
You have man breasts thanks to the female hormone oestrogen, which is unfortunately everywhere in the modern environment. Oestrogen is making its way into your body through your food, your water supply, heck you're even breathing it in via your lungs! Car exhaust fumes contain oestrogen-like particles that go straight into your blood supply via your lungs.
Oestrogens in the environment have reached dangerous levels, and despite all the evidence to show oestrogen as a fuel for a huge range of common cancers, nobody seems to be doing anything about it.
"Alright, Understood – So How Do I Eliminate My Man Boobs Before Next Summer?"
Ok, what you have to do is take part in an intensive oestrogen-reducing regime. However, because environmental oestrogens (also known as 'xenoestrogens') are used so much in your environment, you'll never be able to eradicate it completely. Hence you'll need to employ every oestrogen-reduction tactic you can.
Since fat not only stores oestrogen, it also plays a role in converting testosterone into oestrogen.
If you want to learn everything you need to avoid oestrogen in your environment and finally eliminate those man boobs forever, then keep checking back at my blog and more information will be on the way shortly.
Till next time
P.S. Did you bookmark my blog? Make sure you do so and keep checking back because you never know when I might feel like posting something that could help you learn how to eliminate those man boobs for good!


March 21, 2010

Gynecomastia, the growth of male breasts, is a result of an shift from a masculine hormonal predominance to shift toward feminine hormonal predominance.

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Exposed: The Hidden methods Of How To Get Rid Of Man breasts Fast! Hey there RE: How to get rid of man breasts fast You can get rid of your man breasts quicker than you think if you know the correct techniques.It’s important that you’re realistic nevertheless, because your body is not designed in a […]

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March 17, 2010

Ok, so if you were to have pure organic meat – the stuff that’s grazed on the purest grass on earth and sung to sleep in a cradle – it’ll still make losing man boobs harder if you eat it! Why is that do I hear you ask? Well the animal still contains natural oestrogens, […]

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March 16, 2010

I’m sure you know at least some of the benefits of fibre. If I were to list all of the benefits of fibre right now, I’d be here all day – so I’ll leave it up to you to look them all up.

But the role fibre plays in reducing man boobs is it reduces the absorption of oestrogens through your gut, just as it reduces the absorption of fat and a huge range of toxic chemicals in food.

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March 15, 2010

Hey there I was just at the gym this morning and it caught my attention how almost every guy seems to be applying excessive amounts of deodorant under the armpits after a shower. I’m not sure why this is – are we all daft enough to think those Lynx adverts on TV are real? Sure, […]

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