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RE: How To Reduce Gynecomastia Naturally

Gynecomastia, the growth of male breasts, is a result of an shift from a masculine hormonal predominance to shift toward feminine hormonal predominance.

Surgery does nothing to solve this underlying problem, thus it’s essential that you work on getting those hormone levels back to what nature intended them to be, regardless of whether or not you’re having surgery.

“Tell me, how on earth do I naturally gain the correct hormonal balance?”

In order to eliminate gynecomastia, it helps to know what causes it. There’s a reason why gynecomastia is becoming more and more common, and why it was unheard of more than 50 years ago.

Gynecomastia only started to occur after we started modifying things in our environment, causing us to be exposed to a range of chemicals that just so happen to have a feminizing effect on some of us men.

Oestrogen is absorbed in your gut, absorbed through your skin and inhaled through your lungs. Even though there’s a hell of a lot of proof out there that these chemicals are responsible for the HUGE rise in cases of and deaths from breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer etc, there seems to be almost no government intervention to try and stop us all from being poisoned in this way.

I’m sure the governments will catch on about this sooner or later. In Europe for example, they have at least prevented farmers from pumping their livestock with oestrogen, which causes them to grow bigger and produce more milk.

But wherever you live, your government won’t be making any big changes to limit oestrogen in your environment any time soon, it’s up to YOU to do everything in your power to limit your intake of oestrogen and reduce its levels in your body.

If you do this properly, you’ll notice your male breasts getting smaller and smaller, to the point where they fade away into nothing!

“Ok, tell me about the tactics already”

Getting rid of man boobs involves getting rid of general body fat from all over the body This is because feminizing particles are stored in body-fat.

Not only that, but body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which produces oestrogen from testosterone.It’s important to stick to the natural and organic variety of food if you can, since preservatives, which are used to extend the shelf-life of the food you eat, contain oestrogen-like particles.

Also in many countries such as the USA, livestock is treated with oestrogen to make the animals grow fatter and produce more milk.

To find out about the secrets of getting rid of gynecomastia by knowing the types of foods to avoid, and what to have more of, and also the best exercises to reduce general body fat, bookmark this blog and keep checking back as I’ll be updating it regularly!

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And I also totally advise you read around about gynecomastia <– click the link to find out more. This site talks a lot about surgical solutions to gynecomastia, but I should warn you – surgery on its own is NOT the answer. More about that later.

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Sammie Fields

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1 Rob March 22, 2010 at 1:23 am

Hmm interesting thought – I never thought about the fact that man boobs are a rising thing, I just assumed they were always around. It does make sense that it’s most probably because of something in the environment. Seems kinda cheesy to make all these silly little changes to try and lose something that’s so solid if you catch my drift. But I’ll give it a go and see what happens I guess, as nothing else Iv’e tried has worked. Man, you’d laugh if you could see my moobs!

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