What’s That? Fibre Can Reduce Your Body’s Oestrogen Levels?

Fibre Can Reduce Man Boobs? But HOW??

I’m sure you know at least some of the benefits of fibre. If I were to list all of the benefits of fibre right now, I’d be here all day – so I’ll leave it up to you to look them all up.

But the role fibre plays in reducing man boobs is it reduces the absorption of oestrogens through your gut, just as it reduces the absorption of fat and a huge range of toxic chemicals in food.

“But How Do I Get More Fibre In My Diet?”

I advise you increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. Eat wholemeal foods instead of refined ones – brown rice, brown bread and brown pasta for example. Bran Flakes and Allbran cereals are also high in fibre.

And Here’s How You Can Cheat Your Way To A High Dietary Fibre Intake…

It’s called Psyllium powder. This is a powder made from the outer shell of psyllium seeds, and is incredibly high in fibre. All you need to do is to add 2 heaped desert spoonfulls into a glass of water, mix well and drink up. You will literally FEEL the effects.

There are faeces lingering and rotting inside your intestines from years ago. Psyllium actually gets rid of all that crap, and when you first start using it you’ll find yourself on the bog more than 4-5 times in a day! Best to start it on a weekend or holiday, lol.

However you MUST make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day while taking psyllium. Don’t take any more than 2 heaped desert spoonfulls twice daily for 7 days.

Go ahead and do some research on the internet. There are more benefits to fibre and psyllium than just losing your man boobs.

Take care, and I’ll see you next time


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1 Rob March 22, 2010 at 1:25 am

Nice! I’ll make sure to just add more fibre to my diet. 2 questions for you Garry. I’ve read about psyllium – do you reckon it’ll help with my man boobs? How do I take it? Secondly, I’ve done quite a bit of reading around on this topic now and I wanna start posting some articles. Do you mind if I post a few on your site just to get me started?

Thanks, Rob

2 garryambient March 22, 2010 at 1:29 am

Hey rob, thanks for the comment. Firstly regarding psyllium – it’s being heralded as a super-fibre! And it really does a good job to clean out those bowels. It’s not essential in losing man boobs, but it can help. However you must remember that psyllium is no substitute to eating natural fruit and vegetables as much as possible. Studies have shown that the best time to take psyllium or other fibres is around 20 minutes before a meal. This will help to reduce both absorption of fat through your gut and also oestrogen.

Regarding the writing of articles, I’m flattered that you wish to post some on my site. Do send me a copy of one of your articles and I’ll have a look.


3 Rob March 22, 2010 at 1:36 am

Hey Garry, here’s one of my articles, hope you like it 🙂

How To Lose Man Boobs

It’s not easy to lose those man boobs, I’d been trying for over thirty years!!

But as soon as I realised what I really had to do to lose those man boobs, It wasn’t even that difficult!.

I was in complete disbelief.

When I used the right techniques, those manboobs disappeared in just a few weeks!

And you’ll be happy to know that if it worked for me, it will work for you. Getting rid of manboobs entails several important factors, but knowing the main reason why 95% of people fail is a surefire way to success!

So What’s My Story, Why Am I Talking To You?

My name’s Sammie and I’ve been trying to lose my man boobs ever since I was a kid. I have memories of being terrified of Sports Studies in school where the other kids might see my boobs in the shower, or simply see me running in my T-shirt with my booblets bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

And missing out on all the summer fun! Sitting around at home or going out and roasting myself in a thick sweater to conceal my man breastsSitting on the side-line while my family & friends let loose on the beach – running around and showing off their bodies under the sun.

And let’s not forget… All those rejections by women!

How could a lady take me seriously anyway? I had female breasts for crying out loud! There’s no such thing as ‘man boobs,’ they’re woman boobs – on men! Make no mistake about it, women want that dude on television with pecs and and a six-pack! What are the chances of you meeting a girl who dreams of having sex with a guy with man boobs?

When I finally decided I had enough, I got out there and began finding out everything I could on how to lose man boobs. All my research on the internet seemed to be in vain, as it would all seem to point toward…

Error #One: Exercising the chest area by moving the arms and doing press-ups and benching heavy weights.

Does this ring a bell? It’s enticing to think this is the answer, since it would be so easy – oh so easy to just do a bunch of bench presses to shed that boob-fat. There are so many adds that show a muscular guy doing bench presses, with a headline saying “Bust away those man boobs with Musclehead’s new Olympia workout!”

And incase you haven’t realized already… this method doesn’t work.I had no idea about this before, so I hit the gym and started benching those weights, just like the guy on that men’s magazine add told me, really feeling the burn and all.Irrespective of the size of my pectorals, which grew quite impressively large – I could feel them… under my boob fat, which sadly remained unchanged. I now had man boobs that I could move up and down at will.

So stop doing chest exercises and focus on something that is actually scientifically known to shed boob fat!

I discovered through my own experience that doing bench presses etc is in no way a cure for man boobs in itself. There’s much more involved, and it’s better to focus your efforts on what is known to work and known to work best..

Error Number II: If I lose weight, then I’ll lose my man boobs…

Man, was this tough!I joined the gym and started on the cardio, compound weight-training, restricted healthy diet – the full works! (Hey, Im a determined guy!) And the hard work finally paid off… well eventually it did. I found that my body wouldn’t shed the boob fat until it got rid of fat from my bottom, legs, face, arms and stomach – not an easy feat, but alas…I finally started to lose my man boobs!!!

However I was finding it more and more difficult to maintain this new lifestyle, with such a strict calorie restricted diet and such intense exercise for prolonged periods 7 days a week.

I craved just a taste of my favorite foods, I had had enough of the gym, it was exhausting. If I lapsed just a little, my man boobs would just grow back!! I couldn’t see myself doing this forever, I would either go mad or my body would break down, there had to be some other way I could do this!

Error III: I can’t lose my man boobs unless I buy that eBook on the internet, because it says so on the salespage…

Ahhh the eBook – today’s source of all good value information… or not! Needless to say I went out and bought all the eBooks I could find on losing man boobs. With each and every book, after much time and effort I found that their salespages were nothing more than hype.

As unfortunate as it is, it’s apparent now that there just isn’t any good guide out there on how to lose man boobs. Not yet anyway..

So Then How DO You Lose Man Boobs?

Having realised that I was more or less on my own, I made up my mind to really put in the work and do my own scientific research. And though I have a background in science, I’m not talking about dissecting rats and human specimens, but about pooling together all the scientific research out there on man boobs and coming to my own conclusions.

If you want to learn more about how to lose man boobs, then bookmark my site and be sure to keep checking back. I’ll have more information for you very soon. Meanwhile, why not read about gynecomastia on emedicine?

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