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The Male Breast Reduction Exercise They Don’t Tell You About

The male breast reduction exercise that reduces male breasts more than any other type of workout is very rarely talked about.

Instead all you hear is push-ups, bench presses and dumbbell flys. But any guy who has tried to lose his male breasts doing these exercises alone knows that they simply DON’T WORK! The benefit that these exercises DO have is that they shape up the chest and make your excess chest fat or ‘man boobs’ less noticeable. But that’s NOT what you want.

You want to get rid of that chest fat, not hide it.

And the only way to do it is to do the exercises that have been proven over and over again to actively shrink male breasts.

Possibly the Best Male Breast Reduction Exercise...

Male Breast Reduction Exercise

One such exercise that has been shown time and time again to reduce male breasts in hundreds of guys in just a few short weeks, is high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT involves taking any regular cardiovascular exercise such as running, swimming and cycling, and doing it in a way that’s designed to shock your body into releasing masculine hormones that burn chest fat.

Take running on a treadmill for example. With HIIT you would run as fast as you can with 100% effort for just 30 seconds, then ease off to a slow walk for 1 minute, then speed up to 100% effort for another 30 seconds and so on.

This gets your heart and lungs racing at a pace that normal cardio would never do, no matter how long you do it for. So when you do HIIT your heart muscle gets bigger, making it more efficient, your lungs expand so they can hold more air, and your skeletal muscles get larger to compensate for the kind of effort you’re exerting. For all of these changes to happen, your body needs to release specific hormones and chemicals, all of which also have the effect of rigorously burning chest fat.

Having trained hundreds of guys successfully with HIIT, I’ve found that few other male breast reduction exercises come close to burning breast fat as quickly as HIIT does. But this only applies when you do HIIT in a way that’s optimized for burning chest fat.

How To Do HIIT In A Way That's Optimized For Male Breast Reduction

If your high intensity bursts are too short, your body will not have enough time to release the hormones it needs to burn breast fat. If they’re too long on the other hand, then you’ll sacrifice the level of intensity, so the stimulus for hormone release will be too small to burn breast fat.

You also need to know how long to work out for. Working out too long and too hard will cause the release of stress hormones, which can actually prevent you from losing your man breasts. You’ll go on and lose body fat, but your man breasts will likely stay the same, and that’s a situation you DON’T want to be in.

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