Surely, there’s no way Plastic Containers can give me man boobs??

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Hey Garry here

Just a quick one today about the use of plastic. Plastics have been in use only recently. They’ve been shown to release oestrogenic particles into their surroundings, especially when heated up! But granted, your regular soft drink contains some oestrogenic particles.

Now just so you know the extent of this, there was an experiment being conducted about the growth of cancer cells in the presence of oestrogen (yes, it’s a well known fact that oestrogen encourages the growth of cancer cells, both inside the body and when taken outside of the body). Now what the researcher found one day was when the cancer cells were left without oestrogen, that one of the samples continued to grow as if it WERE exposed to oestrogen. This sample happened to be the one contained within a plastic container, and it was later found that the oestrogenic particles released from the plastic were responsible for the growth of the cancer cells.

So the lesson to take home from this? Well, avoid plastic! Don’t carry water around in a plastic bottle, wait to get to a tap, or try to find a glass bottle. Definitely don’t heat your food up in plastic containers!

Now will simply avoiding plastic get rid of your man boobs? NO! But it WILL help, and when combined with all the other tactics on how to lose man boobs, there’ll be no stopping you!

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